The Multimedia program is a wide umbrella for all things technology, with an emphasis on creativity. In this program, students will learn to blend the boundless potential of the creative mind with the limitless power of computer technology to produce digital communication through thought-provoking images and persuasive designs. Encompassing an expansive curriculum, students will learn theory and hand-on application in the subjects of: illustration, graphic design, digital imaging, photography, animation, web design, desktop publishing, videography and audio, to name a few. Students will learn to incorporate their own style into their work, while adapting to the needs of a client. From television to cereal boxes, the visually propelling display of information dominates our modern lives. As technology continues to evolve and expand, the need for creative technologically savvy multimedia artists continues to grow. Northern Westmoreland Career & Technology Center's Multimedia classroom is a full-service graphic design and digital communications shop, filled with Apple computers and the full Adobe Suite, capable of producing professional quality work.


    · Graphic Designer Web
    · Designer Multimedia
    · Specialist Advertising
    · Sales Social Media
    · Manager Photographer
    · Animator
    · Illustrator Public
    · Relations
    · Desktop Publisher
    · Artist Videographer
    · Audio Technician
    · Package Designer

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    · Algebra I
    · Algebra II
    · Geometry
    · College Prep English
    · Science

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    · Adobe Software
    · Graphic Design
    · Elements and Principles of Art, Design & Typography
    · Desktop Publishing
    · Photography
    · Animation
    · Videography
    · Audio
    · Web Page Design


    Fact Check

    · Graphic designers with Web design and animation experience will especially be needed as demand increases for design projects for interactive media.

    · Multimedia artists and animators work primarily in the motion picture and video industries, or at advertising agencies and computer systems design companies.

    · Demand for illustrators who work on a computer will increase as media companies use more detailed images and backgrounds in their designs.

    · Employment of public relations specialists is expected to grow 24 percent from 2008 to 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations. The recent emergence of social media in public relations is expected to increase job growth as well.

Last Modified on January 4, 2021