Construction Trades

    Mr. Lombardo -- Construction Trades Instructor

    The Construction Trades program at NWCTC is accredited by the Residential Construction Academy
    (RCA) and prepares students for career paths and employment opportunities in the construction industry
    through technical knowledge and hands-on skills in the areas of plumbing, electric, masonry and
    carpentry. Students will learn about soldering pipes and mechanical valves, threading black iron gas lines,
    wiring difference sequences of switches to light fixers and receptacles, installing breakers in service
    panels, and about different types of wires gauges. They will also receive hands-on learning about building with
    brick, block, stone and concrete, as well as the construction offloors, walls, stairs and roofs. Students will
    learn to use hand and power tools, a variety of construction materials, blueprints and about the
    importance of construction safety. Graduates of this program are prepared for employment in the
    construction field or may pursue specialized training through an apprentice and/or postsecondary

    Possible Occupations:

    · Bricklayers
    · Cement Masons
    · Estimators
    · Marble Setters
    · Plasterers
    · Stone Masons
    · Concrete Finishers
    · Terrazzo Workers
    · Tile Setters
    · Construction Workers

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    · Algebra I
    · Algebra II
    · Geometry
    · College Prep English
    · Science

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    · Block & Brick Techniques
    · Stone Masonry
    · Concrete Formation
    · Ceramic /Tile & Plastering
    · Stair & Patio Construction
    · Safety Training
    · Hand Tool Use
    · Blueprint Reading


    Fact Check

    · Masonry apprentice trainees begin with tasks such as edging, jointing, using a straightedge on freshly placed concrete. As training progresses, assignment become more complex.

    · Most cement masons and concrete finishers work for speciality trade contractors, primarily exterior contractors. They also work for contractors in non-residential and residential building construction, and in heavy and civil engineering construction projects.

    · The most important qualities employers look for are dependability and a strong work ethic.

    · Employment of cement masons, concrete finishers, segmental pavers, and terrazzo workers is expected to grow approximately 13 percent over the 2008-2018 decade.